How to Use our Service

Our buying service takes the hassle out of purchasing To The Trade Only items. There are several ways to use our services:

  • Browse Manufacturers Websites: We have compiled over 500 suggested To The Trade Only manufacturers websites for you to browse. You can search by manufacturer or type of collections. Once you have located your item(s), just call or email us to request more information & pricing.
  • Interior Design Magazines: You can use interior design magazines such as: Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Veranda and Florida Design to locate To The Trade Only furnishings. Once you have located your designer items just contact us for pricing and ordering information.


Ordering your To The Trade Only designer items is simple with Decorative Buying Services (DBS).

You can browse our designer collections via our website, or you may have already found your To The Trade Only products. In either case, just call us or drop us an email for pricing information.

DBS will handle every aspect of your order for you. We co-ordinate with the designer showroom and the manufacturer to take care of paperwork, freight and delivery to your chosen location. Since we have over 37 years experience in interior design, we can offer assistance & advice when helping with your order.

Our fees are only 20% in addition to wholesale cost.
(Traditionally you could expect to pay 30% 50% mark-ups on your designer furnishings).

All products are backed by manufacturers warranties, and fully insured during shipping to your location.

Decorative Buying Services has compiled a list of over 500 reputable To The Trade Only manufacturers for you to browse. (if you do not see your chosen manufacturer, just contact us we have access to most manufacturers.

Designers & Architects

With over 37 years experience in the field of design, Decorative Buying Services understands the requirements of designers & architects.

Our buying service allows the designer to focus on the task of interior design, while we handle the logisitics of ordering products.
We understand that many busy design firms do not have the trade accounts with each To The Trade Only manufacturer, or the time to follow through with order processing. This is why we have helped many firms all over the world to expedite their orders.

We can handle every aspect of the buying process for you: paperwork, order specifications, and delivery to your client.